Tutu Helper for Android & iOS Download


Tutu Helper can be now downloaded and installed on Android and iOS Devices. Playing as many mobile apps as possible can be fun, but the reality is that it can also be very costly too. Most of these applications can be paid; others are providing a ton of in-app purchases and so on. Between those, you will end up dealing with a whole lot of challenges in front of you, and that’s where the need for a tool like Tutu Helper comes into play.

Saving money on mobile apps is very impressive, and the great thing here is that Tutu Helper works. Tutu Helper can help you save a whole bunch of money on mobile apps, and things get only better and better all the time while you use it. There is no learning curve, everything is intuitive, and since more apps are added all the time, you just have to check them out and keep the eye out for them.

With Tutu Helper you can get a free paid app at any time, and they also bring a magnificent download speed all the time. This limits the amount of issues you can experience, and in the end, you just have a wonderful, exciting new way to download and install paid mobile apps.

Download Tutu Helper for Android

● File name: tutuhelper_v2.2.32_tutuappandroid.com.apk

● Application Name: Tutu Helper known as Tutuapp

● Version: Tutu Helper v2.2.32

● Updated: 29th April 2017

● File size: 6.63 MB (6,959,716 bytes)

Download Tutu Helper APK 2.2.32

Older Versions:

Tutu Helper 2.2.30 [2017-03-27]

Tutu Helper 1.2.05 [2017-01-14]

  1. Now, you need to enable unknown sources on your Android phone otherwise you won’t be able to install Tutu Helper. This operation can be performed by going to Settings->Security or Settings and from there check the Unknown Sources box.
  2. Tap on the install button to install Tutu Helper.
  3. When Tutu Helper has been installed on your Android device tap on the Open button.
  4. That’s it all, enjoy Tutu Helper on your Android smartphone.

Download and Install Tutu Helper for iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad) Without Jailbreak!

As mentioned above Tutu Helper is also available for iOS smartphones. Some users of iOS phones have reported that they cannot download and install Tutu Helper from iTunes and this might be the main reason why you are here now. So, if you are one of them, do not worry as from below I’ll show you how to successfully download and install Tutu Helper on iOS devices.

  1. At first, grab your iOS phone and open Safari. (Make sure you are connected into a WiFi or Cellular Data)
  2. Now from Safari, search for Tutuapp.vip and please wait a few seconds till the page opens.
  3. On the page, there should be displayed two tabs: Tutu Helper VIP and Tutu Helper Regular. Tap on the regular Tab and then tap on the More icon.
  4. Next, there will be a list with options to chose from however, you need to select Add to Home Screen option.
  5. After doing so, a new page will pop up and you need to tap on the Add option.
  6. Then, you need to configure your iOS smartphone to download Tutu Helper APK file and run it. Go ahead to Settings >> General Settings >> Device management.
  7. There will be a list with all profiles created, just click on one of them.
  8. Now, from there simply trust your profile.
  9. You will be asked to if you really want to trust this profile by saying: “Trusting will allow any app from this enterprise developer to be used on your iPhone and may allow access to your data“. So, tap on the Trust option.
  10. In the end, just go to home screen and open Tutu Helper.

What can Tutu Helper be used for?

Obviously, when you download Tutu Helper, you will want to know what it can help you with. Simply put, the Tutu Helper app was designed with a very simple idea in mind. Tutu Helper allows you to get an enormous amount of convenience when you download your mobile apps.

Usually, when you download apps, you have to share your Apple ID. Download more than a few apps within a few days, and you will see that the experience is frustrating. However, Tutu Helper is a tool that wants to remove all of that as fast as possible. Not only is it focused on value and quality, but it also has a resounding attention to detail all the time. Tutu Helper was created with a massive attention to quality, and the experience does tend to pay off a lot in the end.

Tutu Helper works even if you have a root or jailbreak access. As you know, iOS and Android tend to remove a lot of features when you use a jailbroken or rooted device. However, Tutu Helper is one of those apps that will help you ditch those problems.

With Tutu Helper you can get a free paid app at any time, and they also bring a magnificent download speed all the time. This limits the amount of issues you can experience, and in the end, you just have a wonderful, exciting new way to test mobile apps.

It just ends up making the download experience a lot simpler for the regular user. There were many times when people just need a quality tool to download their favorite apps. Usually, you can end up wasting a lot of time creating the account and logging in all the time. In the end, this will bring you a magnificent experience, and results can be fascinating because of that, isn’t Tutu Helper cool?

Best Features of Tutu Helper

● There are lots of great features integrated into Tutu Helper. The nice thing here on Tutu Helper is that you can easily add coins, remove ads as well as integrate gems if you so desire. Tutu Helper is very customizable and it allows you to make the entire experience a lot more rewarding than ever before. It’s the attention to detail that will impress you here, so try to keep that in mind.

● Another nice feature in Tutu Helper is that it allows you to speed up your device quickly. The way it does that is via closing all the apps that are currently running in the background. Tutu Helper removes all the unwanted data and refreshes your memory. The user experience gets better and better each time you use your device because you never have to worry about any slowdowns or similar issues. Tutu Helper works, and in the end, it’s one of those things that will pay off immensely in the end.

● But Tutu Helper doesn’t stop here. It allows you to easily transfer any item you may want from one device to another. This means you get to have immediate access to the best apps, videos, and pictures with little to no effort. Transferring files usually ends up being frustrating and time-consuming, which is what matters the most in the end.

● Tutu Helper is also created to offer complete support for all the low as well as high-end smartphones. It doesn’t matter what type of device you own, with help from Tutu Helper you will have no problem getting the very best value at all times. Tutu Helper works like a charm, and it was already installed and downloaded on more than 1 million devices.

Final Words of Tutu Helper

During our test, the Tutu Helper performed very well, and it worked just as expected. This brings in front a nice set of benefits, and it also shows that the quality and value is there for you. Tutu Helper does a very impressive job here, and in the end, Tutu Helper is just a really good, outstanding application for people that enjoy the idea of getting mobile apps for free.

There are a select few applications that can be accessed this way. However, the nice thing here is that the Tutu Helper team does expand the mobile app list all the time. Sure, there aren’t a lot of applications now, but more and more are coming to the system and the experience just gets better and better all the time which makes Tutu Helper awesome.

Tutu Helper is here to make your mobile phone experience a more exciting and fun one. There’s a lot of value to be had simply by downloading the app. With the help of Tutu Helper, you get to have more control over your device, and you also have the unique ability to save money from your transactions. Tutu Helper is certainly worth it and one of the most interesting, rewarding experiences that you can find out there. Just consider checking Tutu Helper out, and you will have a lot of fun removing some of the boundaries from your phone!